Trauma Counseling


Each therapist at our practice is passionate about helping individuals and couples heal from traumatic events. Each clinician is educated and trained in evidence based treatments for trauma. 

Kylie, our founder, is also one of the only certified first responder counselors in the state of Alabama. She has undergone intensive training and ride-alongs to educate herself on how to best serve and help our front of the lines. 

Here at Frontline Therapy, we offer individual trauma counseling services for anyone who has experienced a traumatic event. A traumatic event can be sexual assault or abuse, work related trauma, combat trauma, or other traumatic experiences. If you are dealing with PTSD, you can be reassured that the counselors at our practice will assist you in reducing your symptoms. 

Examples of some of the forms of treatment we offer are described in the videos below as well as education on what PTSD can look like; 

What Is PTSD? 

What Is CPT? 

CPT for PTSD Experiences & Information

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